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Monday, February 13, 2012

LOAD Days 11 & 12

I'm combining 11 and 12 for you.  The 11th was my 40th birthday and I STILL did a layout!  I'm not sure if that's the impressive part or the fact that I did a layout the next day (after the party)!!!  Either way, I am still rolling along and have completed at least 1 layout every day so far in February!

Day 11 ~ School Days:

Day 12 ~ History Repeats Itself:
 The funny thing is, I never imagined I'd be working on any of the photos of my Mom when I started LOAD.  Now I actually am excited when a prompt fits some of the materials I have of her life.  I am excited to do a book on my Mom and her life.  I'm also trying to scrapbook more on my own life so that my kids will have that later on.

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