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Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm back!

Sorry that it's been a while!  I guess I got a bit overwhelmed with LOAD and didn't realize it.  Actually, the truth is more that other things got neglected so that I could do LOAD, so I had to catch up a bit.  I haven't had much time to craft at all, scrapbook or otherwise.

But, today I took the leap and upgraded my Storybook Creator Plus from 3.0 to 4.0.  I also purchased some new digital content and got everything set.  I decided I should go ahead and mess around with the new program a bit and see what I could create.  We went to St. Louis over the weekend, so those seemed the perfect photos to use to test things out!

I ended up doing 12 pages, all in the 8" x 8" size.  I'm not going to bore you with all 12 pages, but will include a few to let you see what I did.  I also recently purchased a wide-format printer that will print up to 13" x 19".  I used that printer with 8.5" x 11" paper to print these pages.  All 12 are printed, cropped, and placed in an album.  THAT makes me happy!

This is my first page...must remember to have kids get photo in front of sign...very useful for scrapbook!

The aquarium at City Museum was a big hit for the kids AND me!

I love the fun colors...they work so well with these photos!

I thought the layout of these photos was interesting...tall, but not wide.  I used a click and fill template for these pages.

I remembered to ask someone to take a photo of the three of us before we left!  I'm trying to be IN a few photos.  One kinda cool thing I did with this one is that the background is a close-up photo of the gears that cover the pillar we're standing in front of.  I guess it's hard to see in this small photo, but I think it's pretty cool!
I can't even explain how much I am now loving digital scrapbooking.  I love that I can actually get something done quickly and then get it into an album that my family can enjoy.  I know I COULD have done that with traditional scrapbooking, but I wasn't very faithful about it.  Maybe it's because all of my tools are right here at the computer that it's just easier for me.  Whatever the reason, I really love it, and I'm so happy to have so many things DONE!

For anyone interested, I am using two Creative Memories products for my digital work.  I use Memory Manager to organize and modify my photos.  I use Storybook Creator 4.0 to create the pages.  Until today I was using SBC 3.0, but upgraded today.  The papers that are used in these pages are some freebies that I found online.  You can purchase digital content (papers, embellishments, etc) directly from Creative Memories.  If you don't have a CM consultant, leave a comment and I'll be glad to pass my consultant's name on to you!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

LOAD 28 and 29...and we're DONE!

Day 28's prompt was "On The Screen".  The awesome thing about the daily videos is that on almost every day (maybe with the exception of 2) when I listened to the video I had that "light bulb" moment where I knew EXACTLY what photos I needed to grab and the kind of layout I'd do.  When I heard the discussion for 28, I knew that my first movie experience would be a great addition for a book about me.  No problem.  Google can help with that!

And finally, Day 29.  This one was a bit harder for me.  The prompt was "once in a blue moon"...Hmmm...what happens for us "once in a blue moon"???  I thought I'd peruse through the photos to see if anything stood out.  Well, I'm obviously in front of the camera once in a blue moon!  Wow...our vacation to Disney in November...NO photos of me.  Ha ha...seriously!  NONE!  I promise...I WAS there!  So, that's the direction I took with today's layout.
And just like that, LOAD 212 is over.  Many people are posting that they're ready for a break from scrapbooking.  Not me, really.  Now I'm not going to be doing one a day, but I'd like to get 2 done every week.  I have not spent much time in my craft room on paper crafting since I've been so busy with layouts, so I'll get back in there, but I am going to try and keep some momentum going.  I have a ton of photos of my parents and my childhood that really deserve to be scanned and scrapbooked.  Now that I see what a scanned photo looks like when put on a digital page and scrapbooked, I think I'll do more of those.  I think they look great.

Hope you enjoyed the 29 layouts (I ended up with 32, because I did 2 layouts on 3 different days).  I promise I'll be back to some cards and such soon.  I have some new My Creative Time stamps that are begging to be used!  Thanks for indulging my scrappy month, and thanks to everyone that took the time to comment.  This blogger loves comments!