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Monday, November 12, 2012

Crafty Inspiration!

Are you looking for some crafty inspiration today?  Well, if so, head on over to Craft-O-Maniac's blog, where she is hosting her Monday Link Up Party.  Jen's blog has lots of great ideas and inspiration all on its own, but today she's invited other bloggers to add a link to a crafty project of their own.

My oh my...if you can't find inspiration here, you might as well hang it up for the day and try again tomorrow!  There's loads of good stuff on there, no matter what your crafty pleasure is!

I linked up to my teacher appreciation gift post from a few posts ago.  Have a look through and if you find some great inspiration, leave me a comment and tell me which post inspired you!

Go get your craft on!


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween craftiness

I know this is a tad late, but there's always inspiration for next year, right?!?

Here are a few crafts that I whipped up for a quick Halloween party.  Nothing fancy here...these were all quick easy projects.

First of all, our bar!  I had a neighbor save some cool looking bottles for me.  I found the fun labels online, printed them off, added water and food coloring, and stuck the label to the bottle.  Easy, inexpensive, and fun.  The one on the far left is "Pixie Pee"...yellow colored water with glitter.  The kids thought that one was really funny!

Next up is good old cake pops.  My son decided he'd like cake pops for his class so the weekend before Halloween I made up a double batch of cake pop balls.  I have found that if you freeze the cake pop they're much easier to decorate, so I tend to make a bunch of them (like 6-8 dozen) and freeze for later.  I have the Baby Cakes cake pop maker and quite frankly, I think it's the best!  Easy to use and so much fun.

Spooky ghost cookies...which may quite possibly be the EASIEST treat ever and so freaking adorable! I found this inspiration on Pinterest.  So simple...take a Nutter Butter cookie, dip in vanilla candy coating (some call it almond bark), let it dry.  I added the eyes and nose of my little ghosts with some black gel frosting.  It seriously took longer for these to cool than it did to make the entire tray full.

Pinterest idea...take a clean latex glove, fill with water, freeze, use as ice for your Halloween punch.  OMG...I'm in love with this trick!  How adorable!  The kids thought it was so funny when the fingers would melt and fall off!  They kept checking to see how many fingers "he" had lost!  Next to the punch you can see mummy hotdogs.  You can find the instructions for these HERE.  I wasn't sure if the kids would really like these, but they did!  Plus it's a fun, on-the-go thing to eat.

Again, Pinterest to the rescue for last minute Halloween fun...jack-o-lantern mandarin orange cups.  Oh yeah, baby...quick and oh so easy!  The pin that inspired me is HERE, but I'm pretty sure you get the idea.  I drew the faces on with a sharpie and then handed over the job of coloring the faces in to my 11 year old.  He was a huge help.  Time investment on this one...MINIMAL.  Cute factor = 10+

And finally, a safe way to have a few candles as table decoration...MUMMY jars!  I picked up a few rolls of gauze at the pharmacy when I was grocery shopping.  I was short on time the night before Halloween so I grabbed 2 jars from my cupboard (I usually keep a couple spaghetti sauce jars for various things), smeared Elmer's glue on them and wrapped the gauze around.  Glue on a couple of googly eyes and it's done!  The post that inspired my Mummy Jars is HERE.  These are big jars, so I wasn't worried about the candle in them.  Fun, cute, and so quick to put together.

I hope you enjoyed these Halloween ideas.  I know we've all moved on now to the next holiday, but PIN this for future reference for next year!  If you stop by any of the blogs I've linked for these projects, please leave a comment!  Us bloggers like feedback, so even if you just take a minute to type "cute idea", it's nice to know someone out there is actually reading and enjoying what we post!  Feel free to leave a comment for me also....I love to hear from readers!

Until next time....go be crafty!