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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

LOAD ~ Day 7

Today's prompt gave me instant inspiration....

BUT, it inspired me to tell a story about myself, with no actual photos from my own life. could this be, right?

Yep...I thought the Wicked Witch said "Potty"...and it never occurred to me that urine would NOT make one fall asleep!  The really sad part is, I was a teenager (probably 14-16) when I was found out!  My brothers and I were talking about the movie and one of them referenced this scene.  I was SHOCKED!  And in my shock, I blurted out "POPPIES?  I thought she was saying "potty"..."

And they will NEVER let me live that down.....!

Now, as silly as this page is, it has me thinking.  My Mom passed away and we later found a notepad that she has started to write about herself for us, for us to find years later when she died.  Well, she started it, but never added to it.  A few months ago, a dear friend lost her Mom and they located the most amazing "autobiography" that she had written for a ministry project.  My friend and I took the text and combined that with photos from throughout her Mom's life and made a book.  So, these few pages that I am creating on my own life made me think that it might be cool to make some pages and create a book about my life for my kids.

So, I now have one silly story from my life that my kids can read and crack up about my silliness.  I don't know how long it will take me, but at the very least, the LOAD Challenge has changed my way of thinking on scrapbooking and I'm getting pages done.

Hope you enjoy today's page, and remember.....stay away from urine slinging witches....  :-)

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