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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Imagine Sympathy Card

 I used the Imagine to create a few quick sympathy cards.  I used Imagine More Cards to create this.  I split the image into layers and left off the text "hello".  I wanted to be able to stamp a sympathy message instead.  Plus, layering the image with some foam adhesive is a look that I generally like.

You can see both the inside and outside of the card from this photo.  I always like to do 2 cards at a time when I'm creating them.  The liner paper inside sets off the scallops.
This is a bit closer shot of the card front.  For some reason my Imagine did not cut ONE of the scallops along the top edge.  I did the card base a few times to see if it was a fluke or what.  I will have to call Provo Craft and let them know.  I don't know if that means I have a faulty cartridge or what, but I though it was really funny that it wouldn't cut ONE scallop!  Thank goodness I had an exacto knife handy!

1 comment:

S said...

Oh I like the muted tones of this card. Nicely done.