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Saturday, February 4, 2012

LOAD ~ Day 4

Today's LOAD Challenge prompt was to do a layout on a "how I've changed" train of thought.  I immediately thought of those wonderful first day of school photos, so I decided to do a layout of Avery's first days of "school" for her preschool years.

When I initially uploaded the layout to the LOAD group I did not have the stars or the embellishment in the bottom left corner.  I added those later when I just wasn't satisfied with the layout.  It's not my favorite layout ever, but not the worst either.

You know what the best thing about this class is?  Getting something DONE!  Avery loves to look at my scrapbook pages that I do every day.  And that is pretty cool.  I can't wait until the end of February to have a bunch of layouts done...order them, and then put those layouts in an album that my kids can look through.

After yesterday's layout and having such a hard time finding the photos to fill in the layout, I decided I would take some time this month and really sort my photos in Memory Manager a bit better.  I think I will start with a BIG scope sort (Holidays, School, Birthday, etc) and then maybe go crazy and sort those down even further to specific people.  It will take time, but it will hopefully save time later when I need to find a specific photo for something.


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