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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

LOAD 26 & 27

Here is day 26...Girl Crush.  Ugh...did not like this one!  I decided to go with the stuff I can remember liking as a kid/teen.

Day 27 was "Animal Magnetism"...the prompt suggested a layout dedicated to a pet.  I thought Mia (our new pup) deserved her own page!

 Now, little sister has gotten most of the attention during scrapbooking month, so I thought I should do a Drake page, since he hasn't had many layouts this month.  His recent (as in 2 days ago) music competition seemed a good place to start.  So I give you....LOAD Day 27, layout 2:

I'm seriously going to be sad when this ends!  I think a LOEOD (layout every other day) would be perfect for me!  Right now I'm 30 layouts for 27 days.  Totally, completely happy with that!  I have learned a lot about my digital scrapbooking software and I'm eager to learn more.  The music paper you see in the layout above was found by googling "digital scrapbook paper music" and then importing the paper into SBC 3.0.  Oh, did I was FREE!  Even better!

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