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Thursday, February 2, 2012

LOAD ~ Day 2

I think I'm becoming a LOAD groupie!  I am finding that I am able to shed my "gotta be perfect...gotta go in order...gotta have 3 hours and tons of supplies in front of me" mentality and just changing over to getting it DONE!

Today's prompt was to basically find a favorite photo and scrap it.  Now, Lain explained that the main idea is for the photo to be one that gets to you emotionally.  Now, I'm sure we all have hundreds of those kinds of photos.  I thought of several.  I ended up moving both my Memory Manager and Story Book Creator software to my desktop, which I use more often.  Now, let me warn you...this is not an impossible task, but a time intensive one.  It took me quite a while to get both of the software products installed onto my desktop and then the key files moved from my laptop to my desktop.  My Memory Vault was HUGE, so I ended up digging out an external hard drive, which I'd highly recommend for this kind of job!

So, after spending a lot of time doing that, I thought it was probably best for me to go ahead and stick with the same paper theme that I used yesterday and just get the page done.  So, Avery's first birthday seemed like perfect photos to go with those bright papers.  I promise I'll do other types of pages during this month.  But, right now I'm having fun with the digital thing.

LOAD Day 2
I thought it was a good idea to try something new on each LOAD, so today I figured out how to round the corners of the photo.  Not a huge thing, but it did take some clicking to figure out and now I know!  There are lots of options for the type of corner cut, too, which is kinda cool.  I went traditional for this first attempt...don't want to get too crazy at first!

So, that's it...two days into February and two layouts done.  I'm on a roll...hopefully I can keep it up!  I actually think that I might find some more photos and make a few more layouts if I have time tonight.  Right now it's too nice to be inside, so I'm going to take the dog for a walk!

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