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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Final V-day Projects

I know it's over, but I wanted to share a few more pics of my Valentine's Day craftiness.  I made the cards for the gift bags, but this photo is of my kiddos with their gift bags.  Hubs had one too, but he's not in the photo!
Gotta love the morning bed head!

 Everyone got personalized insulated cups for V-Day.  I had a friend pick these up for me at Sam's Club. It was a box of 6 for $20-something.  Very cool cups...add a little vinyl cut with the Cricut and you've got yourself a personalized cup.
 Then, cake pops for Miss Avery's class.  I have the Babycakes Cake Pop maker (looks like a little waffle iron) and let me tell you...that baby WORKS!  I love it!  I usually make at least 5 dozen when I make them up and then freeze them.  When you need cake pops, take some out of the freezer, decorate, and voila...CAKE POPS!  These were dipped in red coating and then pink coating was splattered on top of that.  Add a cute cello bag and it's a wrap!
Her class (Kindergarten) was fascinated with them!  They're fun to make and I think easy enough for the kids to decorate.  I will confess that the kids did not help decorate this batch.  We were expecting a snowstorm on the 13th, so school on the 14th was looking doubtful.  I decided to NOT make the pops on the 13th only to have school and the party cancelled.  Murphy's Law...since I didn't make the cake pops, it didn't snow, and the kids had school.  I am SO GLAD I had the pops frozen.  I decorated them in about an hour and then had time to get ready and take them up for her party.  Phew!

Hope you enjoyed the last of my V-Day project photos.  Look for more cake pops in the future!

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Carolyn/MamaC said...

Now, this is Valentine Day done right! So many wonderful projects!