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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Posting A Comment

OK...this post has no crafts, but I have to post it.

A few weeks (might've been months) ago I noticed that I could not post a comment on my own blog. So that made me wonder if other people also could not comment.

....I like to get comments....makes me feel like there is a reason to post this stuff, 'cause someone's out there listening....

Anyway, I searched on Blogger's help (and I use that term loosely) section and wasn't having much luck. One day I stumbled across someone else having a similar problem and a potential solution.

The post basically said that if you were posting a comment on a POP UP comment form, you could comment, but if the comment form is EMBEDDED then you can't comment. That is EXACTLY what problem I was having. I changed my own blogs to POP UP comments and the problem was fixed. Unfortunately, a lot of blogs I follow have EMBEDDED comment forms.

BUT....if that's the case for you, all is not lost! You can still comment, but you just have to comment and use "Anonymous" as your profile or whatever it asks for.

I started leaving a lot of bloggers a comment using "anonymous" and tried to explain to them they might want to change to "Pop Up" comments so that more people could comment. I know I wasn't commenting on blogs for a long time because I couldn't and I didn't know the "Anonymous" trick.

Anyway, that's my rant for today....I have no clue what Blogger changed, but I know several people had the same problem. So, if your blog isn't getting comments like it used to, change your comment to POP UP and see if that helps!

Have a great day!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for that info. I have wondered what was happening when the comment I took the time to type, wouldn't be accepted.

Like your sunshine cards. Great colors and textures.
Thank you for taking your time to share with us

Carolyn/MamaC said...

I didn't know the difference until someone (can't remember who) told me to do a pop-up window. However, I haven't had any problem leaving comments, because I always sign in with Google before reading blogs. I can always leave a comment on any of the blogs as long as I am signed in. But, I have changed my blog to a pop-up window.