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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


OK, so my back has gone through phases of extreme heat/pain to nothing. I did the 6 Diet Cokes in 2 hours. My stomach is all bloated out and I'm uncomfortable, but that's due to all of the liquid. I ate/drank the asparagus. The stuff I saw online called for 6-8 ounces. I had a 15 ounce can, so I consumed the whole thing. It wasn't bad at all, but I like asparagus. It was kinda like asparagus soup...minus all the cream, etc.

Now I'm on to straining my pee and drinking a gallon of water.

Yeah, a gallon.

I'm happy to be able to pee again! I'm straining because I want to KNOW if something is coming out. I am currently experiencing back heat/pain on both sides, which worries me! Did I now f-up my left kidney as well?

Still hyped up on the caffiene. Hopefully I'm going to start seeing/feeling some kidney stones pass. I'm going to be seriously pissed at myself if this doesn't work.

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