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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Art Philosophy is in the HOUSE!

I could not resist. I bought it and after being creative with it on Friday, I can say that I’m GLAD I splurged on it. It’s cool…really cool. Please bear with me, because posts for a while will be projects from Art Philosophy.

When I opened this cartridge I thought it might be a good idea to try the “sample” project that all cartridges have in the front of the handbook. I’ve never done one of those before but figured I’d try it on this one.

The sample project is a birthday card. I followed all instructions from the handbook, but I made 2 cards instead of one. I figured as long as I was cutting it I might as well cut two. I only used one rose per card, though. I thought that 2 roses per card was a bit busy.


I will say that creating the flowers takes some practice. I have noticed that I’m getting better with them with each one I do. I have been referencing the blog Courtney Lane Designs by Melanie for lots of amazing tutorials and tips on the Art Philosophy cartridge.


I hope you enjoyed this project. I have been having trouble not being able to comment so I’ve switched my comment box to a pop-up. Hopefully that will eliminate the problem. Thanks to all followers and those of you nice enough to leave a comment. Remember that if you have a specific question just post a comment and I’ll try to help out!

Check back on Friday for another fun Art Philosophy project! Thanks for following my blog and leaving comments. I'd love to hear from you.



Carolyn/MamaC said...

Lovely card! You did a great job! I am now a follower! I enjoyed looking at your older posts!

Lisa said...

Nice card, I have never made one of the handbook examples but good idea!

Newbie2crafting said...

Lovely Card. The more I see of this cartridge the more I really want it. I'm a new follower.


Rita said...

Great cards! Can't wait to get my Art Philosophy cart!! Thanks for sharing your talent!

Anonymous said...

just stop by,seen your post one the cricut message have a nice board and your cards are great

~ Lori ~ said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the comments everyone! I have a post all done and scheduled to post tomorrow, so check back. Thanks for following. My number of followers doubled today...I feel so loved!

Carolyn/MamaC said...

Please go to my blog. I have an award for you!

Diana said...

Lori, very cute card! :)