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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kidney Stone

I normally have a crafty blog post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but this week I don't have anything ready for today.

I have a kidney stone and it's really bothering me. So, today, I am trying some crazy home remedy that a friend's nephew said took care of his.

Now, first please let me state....I am the kind of person that mocks people who do crazy home you know I must be desperate to do this. I am about 80% sure it's not going to work, but I'm doing it nonetheless.

I'm going to report my day on here to help me get out my frustrations. If you're offended by "off color" language, I'd suggest you skip the Kidney Stone blog updates, 'cause it's likely to get a bit racey here today.

The treatment:
Drink a coke or diet coke every 20 minutes for 2 hours. That means you're drinking 6 of them. Try to urinate as little as possible.

That's the stage I'm at now. Let me tell ya...I honestly thought this would be the easiest part of the deal, 'cause I'm a diet coke drinker. I am currently 2 DC's in and my back is on FIRE. Holy hell...something is for sure happening.

There is an ingredient in Coke and Diet Coke called Phosphoric Acid and apparently that's going to go to work on the stone. My stomach is bloated out after 2 cans....oh, and I need to pee, but I'm not going to!

After the 2nd hour of Diet Coke pounding you eat a can of asparagus and the liquid from the can.

Yeah....I've lost my mind. More later.

1 comment:

Flamenco92627/ Julieta said...

Oh my gosh, girl that sounds extreme! I would be sick from the Coke already. I don't know if holding your pee is good for you, so I would go a couple of times if I were you LOL! Hope it works!