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Monday, March 7, 2011

Wedding Card

This project took quite a bit of time, but I am so pleased with it! I was able to use the multi-cut function on my Expression, which is a feature I had not used before. I called before I started the project to find out what the “colors” are for the wedding. Black and White. Well…can it get any easier than that?

I chose the card on page 53 of Wild Card. If you don’t have this cartridge and you are into card making, make Wild Card your next purchase. Seriously! I love it!

I decided to use a white glitter card stock for the front of the card. I always start with the envelope first so I loaded a 12x12 piece of black cardstock in and chose the envelope on page 52. Use “Fit to Page” and the Expression will calculate the maximum size you can do for the envelope and card. How awesome is THAT?

Here is the envelope front.

Wedding envelope

Pretty plain, but classy. After this I cut the card base, using the size that was calculated with Fit To Page on the envelope cut. For this cut I used the “Multi Cut” function. The glitter paper is thick, and I had trouble with it before I knew about that lovely little Multi Cut button! So, I put it to the test this time and am SO glad I know to use it on really thick papers now!

Wedding Card

I wanted the inside to look nice, so I used the same black cardstock as I used for the envelope and cut the “Blackout” feature for the card. Now the inside is black and the black paper peeks through the holes in the scallops. Since I did that I thought it would look nice to use the “Liner” feature for the envelope and make that cut with the white glitter paper. Here’s the inside view of the envelope.

Wedding envelope inside

Again, since I used the white glitter paper I used the Multi Cut function. For the Bride and Groom image on the front I used the “Icon” from page 63. I actually did a stamp wet emboss sentiment on the inside but I messed it up. SO AGGRIVATING! Here I had spent all of this time on the card only to ruin it. Oh no…all is not lost! I grabbed my scraps of black and white glitter cardstock and some Creative Memories heart punches. I used pop dots to make them stand up a bit and strategically placed them to hide the stamping mishap, as you can see below:

Wedding card inside

For a little added effect I used Stickles to decorate the back flap of the envelope where the white shows through and the front of the card in the scallop holes. I just did a little dot, let it dry, and then repeated so that it was a bit raised up, giving a dimensional effect!

So, that’s that! This is a really nice shaped card and envelope that you could customize to any event or celebration. Please feel free to leave a message and ask any questions you may have!


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