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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easter Egg Card

I wanted to finish up one more Easter card project to add to my contribution to the Cards For Soldiers project. I saw an egg shaped card on someone’s blog and was able to create the egg shape using my Gypsy and the Designer’s Calendar cartridge. From there I created a smaller egg shape for the top. I made these cuts directly from the gypsy.

Egg cards

egg cards 2

For the design I thought the bunny from Kate’s ABC’s would be cute. Unfortunately, time was a factor so the Imagine was my hero! I used Kate’s ABC’s and pulled in the layers. I used the Imagine Blossom cartridge for the fills. Once I had that done I made all of the layers 2.5 (relative) and then used the Auto Fill so that I ended up with 4 full sets on the one page.

bunnybunny and outside

Print and cut and there you have it! I didn’t have to search for the “just right” shade of paper. I just let the Imagine do the work, which was a great time saver on this project. You can see from the photos that I did not do all 6 cards the exact same way. I kept tweaking it to try and get it just right. I think the one I liked best was with the blue ribbon tied on the front. Had I had more time I would’ve cut some of the “top” eggs in a solid, embossed it and then put the bunny on the front. I may try that for some Easter cards for my own use!

I really like the shaped card. The gypsy made it really easy to do. If you need instructions on how to do this, please comment below and I will post full instructions. I have heard of people sharing Gypsy files, and although I have not done this yet I’d be happy to give it a try if anyone wants the file.

That made 6 fairly quick cards to add to the CFS bundle. I need to box it up tonight and send it tomorrow. I have 70 cards to donate this time (see below). If you’re interested in this project, check out the “Cards For Soldiers” section of the Cricut message board! If you need a link let me know and I’ll be happy to direct you there.


Happy crafting!



Mary said...

What A Cute Card! I just found your blog. Its so nice!


~ Lori ~ said...

THANK YOU Mary and thanks for following! I have learned so much about my Cricut from other blogs that I am hoping to pass on some of that information and inspiration to others!