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Friday, March 4, 2011

Older creations

Here are some of my older creations. I figured since I didn’t post those on Facebook I’d go ahead and post them here and then continue to post my crafty creations on here instead of Facebook.

These 3 cards are cards that we did for the Cards For Soldiers project. Basically a group of us makes cards and sends them to someone in our time zone. That lady boxes all of the Central time zone donations up and ships those cards to a contact on a military base. The soldiers can use these cards to send notes home to family and friends. I thought for our first donation we’d do some cards that the soldiers can send home to their kids or younger family members.

Elmo Note

This one is my favorite! We used the Gypsy to layout as many layers as we could get on a page and then one person ran the Expression cutting, cutting, and cutting, while another person put the layers together and made Elmo faces. I went back another day and put the cards together. I used scraps that I had for the blue and circle parts. I love these!

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster was assembled the same way as Elmo. One person ran the Expression while another put the layers together. I used a card blank that I had in my stash and then used the Happy Birthday cuttlebug folder.

Elmo birthday

Again, same system as Cookie Monster. After doing so many Birthday cards I thought maybe some “general use” cards would be handy, so I created the “Just A Note” Elmo card above. I think in total there are about 40 of these three total.

The “theme” for this month’s Cards For Soldiers donations are Mother’s Day and Easter. I have two Easter layouts created in my Gypsy and have done a Mother’s Day one on the Imagine. I will post those later!


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