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Friday, March 4, 2011

Cinderella Card order to post a picture of this card on a message board I had to have the photo online. So, I have created yet another blog.

I purchased a Cricut Expression on Black Friday and things have snowballed from there! I now own the Expression, Cuttlebug, and Imagine. I completely re-did my "Crap Room" and created my "Craft Room". I now have space to do my projects, whether I have one hour or all afternoon. To say I am enjoying this creative time would be a huge understatement!

Today I decided to try and use the Imagine to create a birthday card with Cinderella from an original Cricut cartridge. The trick to this is choosing wisely when assigning colors to the various layers. I learned a few things on this project. One...skip the white cut for the eyes and mouth...WAY too small. Use a white gel pen instead! Awesome outcome! Another thing I learned is that you need to apply the adhesive to the back of the TOP layer. Do not apply adhesive to the black bottom layer, as the black ink will smear. Overall, I am happy with the outcome!

Hope you enjoy looking!

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~ Lori ~ said...

Ha ha...apparently I was wrong! I could add the image, but only after I posted. Ugh...oh well...this blog will give me a spot to post my craft projects!