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Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th...

I have to admit, I'm a bit down today.  And while that might not seem like a huge deal, it is for me.  I'm generally a pretty happy person, and today I just feel blehhhh.

So today my crafty blog isn't going to be crafty.  It's going to be ranty...and ranty isn't even a word.  But I am hoping that once I rant a bit maybe I'll feel a little better and be able to pull out of this bleh funk.

I let someone's words last night hurt my feelings.  I have a possible herniated disc in my neck, for which I had a MRI yesterday.  I am deep-down dreading the call from the doctor, because I am completely freaked out by the treatment options.  My neck, shoulder, and arm hurt like hell today, but I don't want to take the Vicodin because it makes me all loopy and sleepy and I really have work that needs to be done today (including payroll, and trust me, the guys will not be happy if I don't show up at some point today with paychecks).  I got online today, and even though I knew my Design Team submission had a snowball's chance in hell of being chosen, seeing the new Design Team list today with my name NOT on it really made me sad.  Completely silly, because like I need another thing to be responsible to get done, but I guess today I realized how much I really was hoping that I'd get chosen for the DT.  I received orders this week from My Creative Time, my first ever order from Peachy Keen Stamps, and 3 new Cricut cartridges and I have not had any free time to play with them at ALL.

OK...I'm done.  Bleh...purge complete.  I have just purged all the things that are weighing down on me today.  Hopefully now I can move on to my regularly scheduled day and get out of this funk.  This weekend I will get into my craft room and play with all of my new "toys" and get crafty.  I'm going to create some fun new things and take photos and then have lots of material for blog posts.

Blog posts that are crafty and more blog posts that are negative and ranty.

(sorry...just had to use ranty one more time....)

I hope that Friday the 13th is a wonderful day for you, and if it's not, remember....

....tomorrow's another day.......

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