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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dollar Store Crafting ~ Journal

The inspiration for this project came from THIS post.  I thought this was such a great idea and so quick to make.  I was in Staples one day and saw the notebooks on sale for $1, and I immediately remembered this project, so I picked up a few!  I started with this:

I added scrapbook paper on the front and back, as well as the inside cover.  I glued a ribbon to the inside of the back cover to use as both a place marker and a way to close the journal.

I cut the paper a bit larger than the cover and then adhered the paper down with a Zig glue pen.  I then flipped it over and trimmed off the excess with an Exacto knife.  Next time I make one I will glue the ribbon to the outside of the back cover and THEN put the paper over it!  I'm not sure why I didn't think of that the first time!

The notebook had a weekly schedule printed on the inside front cover, so I used the scraps from the front and back covers and covered that schedule up.

This paper was a double sided paper I had in my stash and the ribbon was something I had in my ribbon rack.  The original pin described dividing the journal up into sections for monthly journaling but I thought I'd just like it better if it were more free-form.

Again, another fast and economical project that you can put together anytime!  I hope you enjoyed this project.  Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or just to let me know what you think of this project!

I'd love to know what kind of projects you'd lie to see on this blog!  Please leave me a comment and let me know!


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L.B. said...

Super pretty notebook recover. I love doing this so much and yours looks so great.