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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dollar Store Crafting - Liquid Soap

I saw this on a blog I follow that LOVED it!  What a wonderful idea!

First find clear liquid soap at the dollar know, so that it's a Dollar Store Craft!  Remove the front and back label and then use "Goo Gone" or some other adhesive remover to get the sticky gunk off.  This is the hardest part, I promise!

Take some acetate and cut it to a size that will fit in your soap bottle.  You must use Stazon ink for this to work!  Ink up your stamp with Stazon and then stamp your acetate, being very careful to NOT MOVE the acetate.  I found it helpful to put the acetate on a sticky Cricut mat to keep it still!

Let the image dry.

Slightly roll up the acetate and put it into the soap.  It will open up as you push it down into the bottle.  Then put the soap pump mechanism back in, situating it so that the pump is behind the acetate.

Decorate the outside of the bottle with fun stuff from your stash!  There you have it...a fun and easy craft that won't break the bank!


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