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Friday, December 14, 2012

Shadow Box

One day I received a call from my neighbor, Lori.  "Hey, are you still doing crafts with shadow boxes?" she asked.  Yes, I was, so she told me that she had found several at Goodwill for a buck each.  She said they had a design in them but thought that it would be easy to pop the back out and replace it.  I asked her to go ahead and pick some up for me and I'd see what I could do with them.

I put them aside for a while but recently when I started my Christmas crafting I remembered the boxes.  I unpacked them and found that they had a seashell design on the back panel.  Not very Christmasy, so that was going to have to go!

(I wish I had taken a photo of the "before", but I didn't so just imagine a peachy, seashell thing in the back of the shadow box!!!)

I popped out the back panel and then traced that shape on some chipboard-type stuff I had laying around.  I don't buy chipboard.  I keep the insert in packages to use later.  I cut that shape out and then covered it with scrapbook paper.

Next I added some small jingle bells to the inside space of the shadow box.  I then closed it up.  I thought it could still use a little something extra so I cut some "frosted glass" vinyl and added the word "jingle" to the front of each box.

Now, you don't really notice "jingle" unless you're really looking for it, but I like it.  It casts a shadow on the back of the shadow box, which is kinda cool.

You can really see "jingle" in this one!

Difficult to see in this photo, but "jingle" is on the front glass.
This project was inexpensive, simple, and fairly quick to make.  Most of the time involved was figuring out what I was going to do and how!  Once I had that figured out the actual project itself went really quickly.

Hope you enjoyed todays quick project!


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