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Monday, December 17, 2012

Embellished Clothing

I have seen lots of blog posts about people using their Cricut to cut fabric, but I have never done it..until today!  I did it and I am very happy with the results!

I decided to make some embellished outfits for my daughter and neice, who are only 6 months apart.  I picked up some plain pants and shirts at Old Navy.  They were pretty inexpensive and I had a coupon, which made then even moreso!

I chose my images for the shirts.  The flower comes from Art Philosophy and the initial comes from Sesame Street Font.  I did a few test cuts on plain white cardstock to get the best size determined.  A 4" cut seemed to be a perfect size for both the "A" and the flower.

I ironed on Wonder Under to the fabric.  Then I put this fabric on a Cricut mat.  I thought it cut best at higher speed.  I cut more than I needed in case of error.  Overall I think cutting the fabric with the Cricut was good.  I may research a bit and find some tips from people that do it often.

The next step was to iron the appliques to the shirt.  Then it's time to hit the sewing machine.  I appliqued the letter first as it was a bit easier, considering I hadn't used my sewing machine in years.  After I did the letter I sewed coordinating ribbon around the left leg of the pants to give them a little flair!

I did the grey shirt with pink flower second, as the applique sewing was a bit more difficult with the curves.  Then I embellished the leg of the pants.  I thought the shirt needed a little more so I made a bow and attached it with a button.

I am super happy with how these outfits came out!  I'm going to let my daughter have the blue outfit in the morning.  If she wants to wear it then the project is deemed a success!  I think she may be a bit shocked to learn that Mom can sew...she may have more "work" for me! she is wearing her "A" outfit!  She liked it a lot!  I see more sewing in my future!

I had forgotten how enjoyable sewing is for me...think back to a hobby or activity that you enjoyed years ago and give it a go again.  You may find yourself pleasantly surprised!


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