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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Button Card

First of all, let me say that this idea is TOTALLY not mine! I saw a similar card on a blog and loved it. The blog that I found this inspiration is “The Paper Boutique”, which can be found at Check this blog out…she has great projects! I get a lot of inspiration to craft from her! If you read my blog you know I’m a fan of the A2, so I worked the general idea from that blog to fit my favored A2 size!

I started with a card base, cut from light blue cardstock. I used the Imagine to print the yellow layer, the blue layer, and the flowers. The flower itself is from the Snow Angel cartridge. I flood filled that with a print from Hopscotch. The yellow and blue layers are also from Hopscotch.

For this one I printed off 18 flowers and then printed four sets of the blue and yellow squares. Instead of taking the time to figure out how to get the size right on the Imagine, I just printed the squares at 5.3” and 5.0” and then trimmed them down.

Take the card base, and trim down the yellow printed layer to fit. Do the same for the blue solid layer. I used some buttons from my stash and glued those to each flower. I used a pop-dot type adhesive for the flowers. The card was lacking something, so I attached another button in the middle and did some doodling with a white gel pen.

The space at the bottom of each card is for a stamped sentiment. I can even layer a rectangle of the flower print with a yellow rectangle and then stamp on that. Once I do that and stamp, I’ll post a picture so that you can see how they ended up turning out!

I ended up making 4 of these total. I liked how they turned out and think once I stamp a sentiment on them they’ll be even cooler.

button cardbutton cards

I hope you enjoyed this project! Go make something!


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