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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Long time no post...BOO!

Here's a Pinterest inspired project.  I saw the original idea HERE.

When I peruse Pinterest I must admit that I usually scan the instructions quickly to see if it's something I'd actually take the time to DO in the future.  If so, I pin it for future reference.

I thought this one was one I'd definitely do, so I pinned it.  The other day at Hobby Lobby I saw a couple of cute frames on clearance and thought they'd be ideal for this project.

Here are my tips! NOT use a high temp hot glue gun.  Ouch.  Two...have PLENTY of google eyes.  Great google eyes, this frame uses a LOT of google eyes!  Yowza.  Three...glue the big ones down first and then start filling in with the other sizes.

Here's my variation on the google eye frame:

I used a My Creative Time stamp for the "Boo" and the sentiment under the ghosts.  The ghosts are Peachy Keen stamps.  I LOVE the faces, and these ghosts are seriously cute!

I figured that I can put a photo in there if I get a good one from last year or this year, and if not, then at least it's super cute until I can get a photo of the kids in there!

Go buy some google eyes and grab your hot glue gun.  Wicked cute!

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