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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Here’s another crafty gift for you today! I saw blogs and tutorials on making these glitter ornaments so I thought that might be a good gift for school.

I started with clear glass ornaments that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. Add “Glitter It” liquid and coat the inside of the ornament. Dump excess liquid out and let ornament dry a bit. Dump a bunch of glitter into ornament and rotate ornament around to coat inside completely. Dump excess glitter out. Once that dries, tie a bow, replace ornament cap. Voila! Beautiful glitter ornament!

(If you need a video or more details, visit My Pink Stamper for a video tutorial!)

But, the ornament itself is just not enough, right? Heck NO! So I decided to add some vinyl. Since my luck was really good with the tumblers I once again went to the Cricut Craft Room and made my design. Once again, it worked like a charm! I tried 2 designs. One was the letters and numbers in an oval. That did not work well on the round ornament, so I switched to the letters and numbers by themselves and that went on great.

ornament frontornament date

**I know this is redundant, but sorry for the crummy cell phone pics...**

Cute, right? I think so! (Pat, pat, pat….can you hear me patting myself on the back???!!!)

I had a tray of 12 of these already glittered so I put the vinyl on all 12. Now I have 12 personalized gifts that are ready to go!


Come on back on Friday to see what I did with these ornaments next! You can’t just hand someone an ornament, right? It’s all about the presentation!

Have a creative day!


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