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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Male Birthday Card

I have been having trouble creating “male” birthday cards recently. I picked up “Block Party” but had not cut anything with it. When I saw the grill it made me think of two of my brothers, because they both enjoy grilling. Today I figured I’d try the grill and see if I could use it for a birthday card.


The two cards are basically the same, but on the one above I cut the grill at 3.5”. The one below is 4”, and I think that just worked out better for the card. The cloud paper is from Imagine Hopscotch and the grass is from Plantin Schoolbook. I used two circle punches for the sentiment tag, while the stamp itself is from My Creative Time. I used some Stickles to jazz up the “smoke” and added a few dots of Stickles on the grill itself.


I attached the sentiment with a brad and did some stitching with a white gel pen. I also took a dark green pen and did some lines on the grass. It’s not my favorite part of the card, but it also wasn’t horrible!

Since my brothers live so far apart (one in Illinois and one in Oregon) I figured it was safe to send them similar birthday cards. Hopefully they don’t discuss that kind of stuff!

Hope you enjoyed this project. Do you have a hard time creating cards for men? Let me know your thoughts!



Hrvatica said...

I always find it difficult to come up with "male" cards. You did a great job.

Karen said...

Who wouldn't love to get this card!

~ Lori ~ said...

Thanks ladies! It is a challenge to come up with a card that's not too feminine. I thought this one worked fairly well.